Stanley Road



Stanley Road is situated within the main commercial centre of Walthamstow providing 27 new mixed tenure homes, composed of 14 flats and 13 three, four and five bedroom houses. The scheme establishes a response to its local context providing a new residential enclave set within a landscape proposal, which promotes a residential community through social interaction and animation of the streetscape through a variety of landscaped zones.

Our approach has been sensitively designed to respond and reflect the historical setting of the adjacent Grade II listed Master Bakers Almshouses. The scheme provides a contemporary aesthetic, responding to modern-day living requirements and the appreciation of the local vernacular, forming a rendition of a well-established ‘London style’ typology that conveys a sense of familiarity and appropriateness.

Our landscaping proposal intrinsically links the architecture with the external spaces providing the development with its distinct identity, sense of place and character creation, whilst creating defined areas within the scheme; from the central courtyard to the tree lined residential terrace street.

A vista towards the Almshouse tower has been captured by the scheme allowing the visual connection and dominance to be maintained by this historic building, reaffirming the schemes identity anchored by its historical context.