Hunstanton Primary School



The brief at Hunstanton Primary was to extend the existing school to facilitate and include Key Stage 1 pupils, aged from 4-7.

A new double classroom extension (GIA: 240 sqm) has been designed to withstand the elements of this exposed site.

A large canopy with enclosed ends has been constructed to provide shelter against the wind. While a new levelled play area has been fenced where the landscape planting will create, over time, natural wind breakers.

The form of the building is to minimise the mass whilst still providing cross natural ventilation. This has been achieved by designing an internal mono-pitch into a flat roof block, adding a sense of delight and intrigue between the juxtaposition of the external and internal forms.

Dark exterior cladding reinforces the idea of a protective shell and the contrasting yellow of the central walls of the building are aimed at the infant age group of the pupils.