Dunraven School



Dunraven School formed part of the Lambeth BSF Wave 5 programme. The brief was to create a coherent, united school to accommodate the increase from 6.5 to 7 form entry. The existing school is split over two sites, either side of the main road, and comprised a collection of buildings with different histories and building types.

The design consolidated all of the under-16s facilities on the south site with a new dedicated 200-pupil sixth form centre on the north site, thereby improving safety by eliminating road crossing by the under 16s and removing duplication of specialist areas.


Within the school boundary, some buildings were demolished and others strategically selected for remodelling and refurbishment. Major new buildings were introduced which ‘stitched together’ the school into one coherent whole and provided a new faculty-based organisation and the desired ‘year group’ arrangements.

On the south site (the main school) a landscaped courtyard links the main building with the refurbished 1970s science faculty, forming the ‘heart’ of the school and creating a campus feel. On the northern site, the front section of existing building has been stripped back to its structural elements and re-clad with a dark brick and glazed façade to create a strong identity for the new sixth form campus.