Fabric First Framework



Established by Norwich City Council, the Fabric First housing construction Framework is designed to assist the development of Passivhaus and Fabric First housing developments through traditional and design & build methodologies.

Open to all local authorities and housing associations, it aims to provide an efficient procurement mechanism for the delivery of housing – spurring economic growth by creating jobs and supporting businesses.

Having played a key role in its inception, the development team at Hamson Barron Smith is now managing the Framework on behalf of NPS Norwich, for Norwich City Council.

The Framework consists of nine Contractors, in three lots, procured to provide the range of services and works necessary to deliver housing and associated infrastructure.

Key features include the creation of comfortable, energy efficient living and working environments, using innovative methods of construction and a flexible construction methodology with minimal implications for design.

It’S already being used to procure the Hamson Barrron Smith designed Three Score and Hansard Close developments in Norwich.

See the Fabric First Framework Handbook for more details.