Planning approval granted to Belle Vue Park new entrance in Sudbury Thursday, 8 September, 2022

HBS multi-disciplinary teams have been working on the scheme since early feasibility stage. The public realm design led by landscape architecture went through public consultation and submitted for planning in March 2022. On August 10th HBS attended planning committee meeting, where a planning officer recommended the scheme and the councillors voted in favour of the plans.

The site is located in Sudbury, a short distance from town hall and market square also close proximity to the Sudbury Conservation Area. We aimed to create a well-used public space to give locals and visitors an opportunity to sit down and enjoy clear views towards St. Peter’s Church and the town centre.

A new entrance to Belle Vue Park includes new steps and ramps, accessed landscaping and seating accommodation over three metre level difference, together with new retaining walls adjacent to Churchill Retirement Living’s development which links to our planning application. The plans also include a new traffic light-controlled pedestrian crossing on Cornard Road as the project looks to make “access safer and easier” for pedestrian access.

Babergh District Council’s cabinet minister for economic growth, Michael Holt, said: “These plans will not only create a welcoming entrance to the park but will better connect the park with the town centre.”

The work to secure contractors can begin after securing the backing of Babergh District Council’s cabinet.