Second edition of Sarah Lewis’ bestselling book launches Friday, 3 November, 2017

The second edition of Sarah Lewis’ bestselling RIBA published book, PHPP Illustrated, was launched in October.

This fully-updated second edition provides readers with the knowledge and tools to use The Passive House Planning Package (PHPP). Including much-needed supplementary guidance for purchasers of the PHPP, the book places the standard within the UK context and offers a concise, user-friendly and highly illustrated guide for practitioners and students who want to use the PHPP as a design tool.

Fully supported and endorsed by The Passivhaus Institute, this book is an invaluable resource for both new and more experienced users of the PHPP.

“This book is a superbly written, and a clearly illustrated guide to using the PHPP energy model – but is also so much more. If you are involved in building design and don’t yet use the PHPP then read this book and find out why it is the tool of choice for a growing number of professionals and self-builders alike. Unlike many energy models, PHPP is transparent with all the calculations and assumptions on view.

This book explains the essentials of building physics whilst leading the reader through the process of using the PHPP spreadsheet. Despite being a long-term user of PHPP, this book will be kept close to hand for regular reference. I am in awe of what Sarah has achieved and hope that this book inspires designers to embrace physics as an integral part of design.”
Nick Grant, Technical Director, The Passivhaus Trust